Farewell WordPress

I’ve finally got around to making myself a website, and so with some sadness this will be one of my final posts on this little blog I’ve kept going over the past couple of years. Fear not though, all the posts have been moved over to my new website and I will of course continue to post there. I’ll also keep this one open for the time being at least. And where is this new website, I hear you ask?


If you enjoy reading my posts then I urge you to “subscribe” to me – there’s a box you can fill in with your email address on the home page – and you’ll get an email from me every time I post a new entry. There is (as there is on this blog) the option to comment on posts as well, and I’d love to hear comments from anyone that reads my blog, if for no other reason than it’s nice to know who actually reads it!

So, farewell WordPress and I hope to see you all over on my new site!

P.S. I’ve just completed my first post over there, which can be found here.

P.P.S. Some of the older blog posts might look a bit “funny” over there at the moment. Unfortunately transferring stuff across from WordPress to PyroCMS (the content management system I’ve used for the new site) isn’t that simple and requires quite a bit of manual editing, which I’ve done for the most recent 25-or-so posts but haven’t had chance to for the old ones yet. Likewise with comments.

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